Offshore Companies

Investors unsure about whether Sharia applies to their estates

02 February, 2012

While the U.A.E. waits for stability in its real estate marketplace, there are a few ambiguities that property investors are still living with.

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One third of UK companies consider moving offshore

05 October, 2010

A recent research has shown that one in three UK companies are considering moving offshore due to burdensome corporation tax.

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Survival of offshore tax havens

27 September, 2010

While surveys of the world's tax havens are showing that changes are taking place, the need for profit and accumulation of funds will ensure the survival of offshore banking.

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Belize International Business Company

01 July, 2010

A Belize IBC company is incorporated under the International Business Company Act of 1990 and are exempt from income tax, capital gains tax and transaction tax.

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