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Small businesses warned to heed Bribery Act

05 July, 2011

One of the main messages that came out of the Lawyer’s first Governance, Risk and Compliance Congress in Brighton this month, was that SMEs must be aware of the Bribery Act. The new legislation regarding the Bribery Act was debated at length at The Lawyer’s Governance, Risk and Compliance Congress. The experts have stressed that all businesses, regardless of size, should be making preparations to ensure that they comply.

In a statement to the congress, Graham Hand, chief executive at British Expertise, said that there were companies that included small, medium and large businesses who simply “did not get it”. Those who do not understand their obligations were heading for prosecution. Mr. Hand said that larger organisations were able to increase the size of their legal departments and get out of corrupt economies, but smaller businesses lacked the resources to protect themselves against SFO prosecutions.

Ministry of Justice – Bribery Act