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Seychelles Company Formation

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Schuss & Co. offers Seychelles offshore company formation and management services. Seychelles offers an attractive alternative to BVI as only locally-sourced income is taxed, with no corporation tax payable by IBC companies. Seychelles offshore companies offer strong levels of privacy and information confidentiality, increasing its popularity as an offshore incorporation jurisdiction.

We can have your Seychelles offshore company incorporated within 5 business days and we can provide professional directors and nominee shareholders on your behalf should you require them. We can also assist you with opening bank accounts and help in the ongoing management of your company.

Read through the jurisdiction overview of the Seychelles below for more information on why the Seychelles is an ideal location for your offshore company structure. The PDF brochure provides a downloadable introduction to the Seychelles offshore company. If you are unsure about which jurisdiction is best suited to your needs or would like advice on any of our services, please contact us for a confidential discussion with no commitment.

Geographical Overview

A byword for tropical beauty, The Seychelles comprises 115 unspoiled islands, located north of the equator. Most of the 80,000 inhabitants live on the largest island of Mahe, and are a mixture of French and African, speaking Creole. English and French are also spoken in business sectors. Granted independence in 1976, The Seychelles is an independent democratic republic with a presidential style of government. The President from 1977 until 2004, Albert Renee oversaw the conversion of a ‘fishing and bananas’ type of economy into a modern tourist mecca, alongside a carefully created offshore financial centre, which has been favourably received by the business community.

Economic Overview

The service sector contributes 70% of the Seychelles’s economy, which is based on tourism, fish processing and commerce. The Government is torn between Colbertian paternalism (French) and economic liberalism (English) with no clear bias towards either.

Despite the ambitions of the government, the economic fortunes of the Seychelles has been mixed. A macro-economic programme called MERP launched in 2004, which increased taxes and government retrenchment. Recent tightening took place in 2008 after the country defaulted on much of its debt and turned to the IMF for financial assistance.

Taxation Overview

The Seychelles have territorial taxation; thus only locally-sourced income is taxed. There is recent, well-formed legislation for International Business Companies, Offshore Banks, Insurance Companies, Mutual Funds, Trusts, and extensive programmes of investment incentives, as well as the International Trade Zone, all of these being basically free of taxes. In 2003, the government legislated for additional types of company: Special Licence Companies, Protected Cell Companies and Limited Partnerships. High levels of privacy and numerous tax treaties have seen more than 50,000 companies registering in the Seychelles to date.

Key Features

  • Modern IBC legislations for maximum flexibility
  • Some of the lowest incorporation fees
  • Minimum disclosure
  • French or English speakers
  • Range of name options for companies
  • Independent

Political and Economic Stability

  • High


  • 1994 progressive IBC legislation


  • Tax exempt


  • 5 Working days