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Mauritius Company Formation

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Schuss & Co. offers offshore company formation and management in Mauritius. We can have your Mauritius offshore company incorporated within 2 days and we can provide professional directors and nominee shareholders on your behalf, should you require them. We can also assist you with opening bank accounts and help in the ongoing management of your company.

Read through the jurisdiction overview of Mauritius below for more information on why Mauritius is an ideal location for your offshore company structure. The PDF brochure provides a downloadable introduction to a Mauritius offshore company. If you are unsure about which jurisdiction is best suited to your needs or would like advice on any of our services, please contact us for a confidential discussion with no commitment.

About Mauritius

Mauritius offers a unique blend of advantages, which make it a preferred destination for a principal home base. With political stability, Mauritius is a melting pot of world civilisations, a blend of peoples of Indian, Chinese, African and European descent. It prides itself on a uniquely rich culture embedded in a web of values and traditions. The great majority of its people are multilingual, being proficient in both English and French while mastering a third language such as Hindi, in addition to the local vernacular Creole.

Mauritius is a multiparty democracy modeled on the British parliamentary system. The separation of the legislative, the executive and the judiciary is enshrined in the Constitution. The legal system is a composite of English laws and the French Code Napoleon. The highest Court of Appeal is the British Privy Council.

Over the last three decades, the island has experienced stable economic development and growth. It has emerged as a diversified economy resting on four main sectors: agriculture, export processing industries, tour- ism and financial services. The information and communication technology sector is now being developed as a fifth sector.

State-of-the-art physical infrastructure, comfortable foreign exchange reserves, a highly-educated and productive workforce, and a robust and diversified economy make the island a desirable place for business.

Mauritius GBC2: Advantages

  • The GBC2 is a popular option as it offers flexible legislation
  • The GBC2 is subject to low annual fees
  • The GBC2 is tax exempt
  • Mauritius is a stable jurisdiction with little history of political or economical unrest
  • No need to set out objects in a Constitution, as they are optional
  • Can be converted into a GBC1 and access tax treaties
  • Can be incorporated as limited by both shares and guarantee

Mauritius GBC2: Common Applications

The GBC2 is an ideal flexible entity that is ideally suited for holding assets of all description,
international trading and conducting international business.

  • The GBC2 is exempt from corporation tax in Mauritius and there is on withholding tax on dividends in Mauritius
  • Mauritius offers confidentiality for its companies

Company Law

  • The Companies Act 2001 and the Financial Services Act 2007

Type of Company

  • GBC2 Global Business Company – Category 2

Taxation Rates

  • Nil

Time to Incorporate

  • Two working days. Ready made companies available.

Minimum Members

  • One – individual or corporate

Registered Office

  • Yes, must be maintained in Mauritius

Minimum Directors

  • One – individual or corporate

Must a Director / Secretary be Resident?

  • No

Annual Return Required?

  • No

Is Disclosure of Profits Required?

  • No

Is it Necessary to Keep a Share Register?

  • Yes, at registered office

Language of Incorporation

  • English


  • High – the Companies Act 2001 and Financial Services Development Act (FSDA) require that information be kept confidential except on proof that the information is required for the purpose of enquiry into specified criminally related activities. The Registrar and all his offers have taken an oath of office to protect confidentiality.