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Belize Company Formation

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Schuss & Co. offers Belize offshore company formation and management. Belize is a popular offshore company jurisdiction due to its stable economy and favourable tax regime.

We can have your Belize offshore company incorporated within 1 business day and we can provide professional directors and nominee shareholders on your behalf, should you require them. We can also assist you with opening bank accounts and help in the ongoing management of your Belize company.

Read through the jurisdiction overview of Belize below for more information on why Belize is an ideal location for your offshore company structure. The PDF brochure provides a downloadable introduction to a Belize offshore company. If you are unsure about which jurisdiction is best suited to your needs or would like advice on any of our services, please contact us for a confidential discussion with no commitment.

Geographical Overview

Belize is an independent country within the British Commonwealth bordered by Mexico, the Caribbean and Guatemala to the east and south. It is 24,000 sq km in size, with a population of 300,000. The country is heavily forested with tropical rainforest. The climate is sub tropical, with an annual mean temperature of around 80 degrees. The currency is the Belizean dollar, fixed at BZ$2 = US$1.

Due to racial harmony and religious tolerance, the many different racial elements in Belize have mixed and blended successfully, and Belize has gained a widespread reputation for its friendly people. English is the official language although Spanish, Creole, Garifuna and Mayan are widely spoken throughout the country. The religion is mainly Christianity - both Roman Catholic and Protestant. Small groups practice Islam, Hinduism and Bahai.

Political and Economic Overview

Politically and economically stable, Belize has a democratic, bi-cameral legislature based on the Westminster system and a legal system based on common law.  The Head of State is Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain, represented by Governor General Sir Colville Young since 1993.

Employment levels have been stable in recent years, with a growing economy, following the issuing of bonds for national debt in 2006. Recent figures from the Belize Central Statistic Office reveal that the population of the country is increasing rapidly and fast approaching 300,000 permanent residents.

Taxation Overview

Internal Belizean taxes are moderate, with a small turnover-based tax in addition to 25% corporation tax. Employees pay up to 45% tax on income plus social contributions.

Belize has introduced a number of offshore schemes in recent years, including IBC legislation, a modern trusts law, and an array of free zones and investment incentive schemes, such as a retired persons regime. Investors are attracted to Belize because of its advantageous geographical and governmental situation. The government has recently made moves to open up an e-commerce free zone in order to further attract foreign investment and keep pace with other global jurisdictions.

Key Features

  • Flexible IBCs with zero taxation
  • Meetings can take place in any location around the world
  • Privacy – the names of directors and shareholders do not appear on any public document
  • The company needs only one director and one shareholder
  • No requirement for resident directors or shareholders
  • No minimal capital requirement

Political and Economic Stability

  • High


  • Based upon the BVI laws – the most flexible model available


  • IBCs are tax-exempt

Time to Incorporate

  • Fast – one working day