The experts in offshore company
formation & management.

Why Choose Schuss & Co.?

Regardless of which jurisdiction you choose, you can be assured of the following:


Schuss & Co. has established thorough checks and balances to ensure that there are no conflicts of interest throughout the provision of our corporate services on behalf of our clients. Our employees and professional intermediaries always act in the best interests of our clients from an investment, legal or accounting perspective. In order to preserve the objectivity of our advice and service execution, we maintain an arm's length stance towards banks and other financial services providers.


Schuss & Co. understands that building strong business and personal relationships is fundamental to ensuring best execution of corporate services. We work hard to understand the requirements of our clients and to maintain a network of trust. Fulfilling these objectives has guaranteed us continuity of business and repeat custom.


Although maintaining our clients' confidentiality and privacy is one of our top priorities, Schuss & Co. is committed to executing detailed checks on our clients prior to taking custom to ensure that money laundering and crime are prevented. This is in the best interests of both our customers and Schuss & Co.


The successful provision of corporate services is not a scientific process, it requires skilled judgment and expertise. Schuss & Co. employs a highly specialised team who are trained to the best possible standards. Schuss & Co. also has access to a network of partners; including accountants, banks, lawyers, trust companies, fiduciaries, independent financial advisors and tax advisors throughout the world, when required.


Schuss & Co. has built a reputation for excellence. Our team has established countless offshore structures and our superior service has allowed us to generate a strong track record.


In the pursuit of quality, Schuss & Co. has implemented rigorous operational procedures. We maintain the highest internal standards when handling funds, offering advice and ensuring effective corporate governance. Through our parent company, we are certified to international ISO9001:2008 standards.


Schuss & Co. is a truly international company, meaning that we are not tied to just one jurisdiction. We provide our corporate services in all major tax jurisdictions.