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About Schuss and Co.


Schuss and Co. is a leader and innovator in the corporate services industry

At Schuss & Co. we offer customers the highest quality corporate services, carefully creating sustainable custom solutions, according to the growing and diverse business needs of our global customer base. These services provide our clients with complete a-z corporate structures, covering all their incorporation needs.



Five core value drivers committing us 100% to customer satisfaction

Our mission has grown out of our close collaboration and commitment to our clients over almost two decades of continued success. It actively evolves, taking into account global changes, so that we can offer even better, creative and sustainable custom solutions to our customers’ needs.

It is our mission to provide the highest quality service at the lowest market price for individuals and/or organizations, thereby allowing them to thrive through focused corporate business solutions. ¨

Our business focus lies with sustainably maintaining and building your wealth, enabling maximum confidentiality and profitability for our clientele, while effectively navigating changes and challenges within the corporate services community in the coming decades.

To achieve this innovative approach, we have built our values on five cornerstones:

  1. Guaranteed customer confidentiality and security
  2. Value added service proposition
  3. Innovation
  4. Premium quality
  5. Guaranteed lowest market price



Guaranteed Customer Confidentiality and Security

Our main priority lies with your confidentiality. With us, you can rest assured that you are behind an iron wall.

The integrity of our client’s right to confidentiality is our main concern. Everything is setup exclusively to ensure that your confidentiality is 100% guaranteed. Our website, all of our online communications systems and our online payment facility uses the impenetrable 256-bit AES SSL encryption, verified by GeoTrust (RapidSSL), thereby ensuring all our client’s browsing, communication and payment transactions are 100% secure.

Value Added Service Proposition

Our focus at Schuss & Co. has always been an unrelenting dedication to our customers. This approach has consistently yielded value added propositions to clients and led to the innovative, customer-oriented approach that we are internationally known for.


With a wide, evolving range of reputable jurisdictions to choose from, and a comprehensive selection of additional services to complement your selection, you are assured of a customized corporate structure. A service that will suit your individual requirements like a tailored suit.


With over 13 years in the business, Schuss & Co. is a leading innovator in the corporate services industry. We know the ins and outs of this business, continuously re-inventing and transforming our value added service offering to clients, ensuring a continuous and sustainable profit potential to you.

We utilize regulation by leading financial authorities’ bodies, to even further ensure maximum customer confidentiality. We have successfully incorporated thousands of companies to date, and have been helping our clients maintain and build their wealth for almost two decades. Rest assured, your business is in good hands with Schuss.

Guaranteed lowest Market Price

We have selected exclusively the most reputable, flexible and trusted jurisdictions to ensure maximum quality and speed up the incorporation process. Unlike most corporate service provides, who rely heavily on local agents for their client’s incorporation needs, we have cut out the “middlemen” and offer our own offices and/or partners in the jurisdictions we have on offer. This, in turn, allows us to pass down our efficient cost structure directly to our customers, because let’s face it, why should our clients have to pay a premium for the same service?